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School of Business & Management ITB

The School of Business and Management (SBM) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was established on December 31, 2003. SBM ITB is located at the Main Campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the best science and technology institute in Indonesia. SBM ITB has a role as the hub and orchestrator to develop and grow technopreneurs in Indonesia. In 2018 SBM ITB gained an international accreditation, ABEST, and in 2021 SBM ITB has AACSB accreditation, it is one of only 5% of the world's best business schools that is prestigious accredited. The SBM ITB education system aims to nurture world-class management professionals who can compete in the age of advanced technology, social, economic, and cultural globalization, and accelerated communication. The mission of SBM ITB is to develop innovative leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and develop and disseminate knowledge of business and management for the betterment of business, government, and society. As the best business school in Indonesia, SBM ITB always contributes and significantly impacts society at the national and global levels. The business and management disciplines in SBM ITB play an instrumental role in bridging ITB’s distinctive strengths in science and technology to create meaningful value and impact for society, industry, and government.


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Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282

Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282