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EIGER Adventure

EIGER was first launched in 1989 as a product to fulfill various gear and equipment needs for the lifestyle of outdoor enthusiasts. The name EIGER itself was inspired by Mount Eiger, which is located in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland, with an altitude of 3,970 meters above sea level and is the 3rd "hardest mountain to climb" in the world. Today, EIGER offers three main product categories: Mountaineering, which is oriented towards mountaineering; Riding, which focuses on motorcycle exploration; and Authentic 1989, which is inspired by the classic style of outdoor adventure enthusiasts in a casual and stylish design. Referring to the foundation of its vision and mission, EIGER not only contributes to outdoor activities, but also pays great attention to environmental sustainability in order to realize its mission which includes aspects of Education, Inspiration, Greenlife, Expedition, and Responsibility. Until now, EIGER has a distribution network throughout Indonesia and will continue to expand its reach to foreign countries.


We dive into various lifestyle needs and produce various quality brands such as Exsport, Bodypack, Eiger, and Outlive. Now we are available in more than 350 physical stores in Indonesia.

Good Quality. All material are already certified by global community


With a passion for sustainability, we provide customers with a full satisfaction experience in the lifestyle business

Fit to latest fashion style


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List of Lands

Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282

Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282

Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282

Coordinate 66.05676, 24.97282